AN15 IBM Power Systems for AIX III - Advanced Administration and Problem Determination

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Length: 5 day (40 hours)


Course objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Perform system problem determination and reporting procedures including analyzing error logs, creating dumps of the system, and providing needed data to the AIX Support personnel
    Examine and manipulate Object Data Manager databases
    Identify and resolve conflicts between the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) disk structures and the Object Data Manager (ODM)
    Complete a very basic configuration of Network Installation Manager to provide network boot support for either system installation or booting to maintenance mode
    Identify various types of boot and disk failures and perform the matching recovery procedures
    Implement advanced methods such as alternate disk install, multibos, and JFS2 snapshots to use a smaller maintenance window

Course outlines

  • Advanced AIX administration overview
  • The Object Data Manager
  • Error monitoring
  • Network Installation Manager basics
  • System initialization- Accessing a boot image
  • System initialization- rc.boot and inittab 
  • LVM metadata and related problems
  • Disk management procedures
  • Disk management procedures (continued)
  • Install and cloning techniques
  • Advanced backup techniques
  • Advanced backup techniques (continued)
  • Diagnostics
  • The AIX system dump facility