Strategic Planning Skills

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Length: 2 day 


Course objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

    • Prepare for the strategic planning process. 
    • Develop a mission statement, define a vision for your organization, and conduct an assessment of internal and external factors that influence your business. 
    • Apply the information you have gathered and work to apply the values of your company's mission with its vision to create a successful strategy for your business operations. 
    • Put the plan into action and work toward the vision. You will implement and monitor the plan to gauge its effectiveness.

Course outlines

    Lesson 1: Preparing for the Strategic Planning Process

    • Set the Parameters for the Strategic Planning Process
    • Establish a Committee
    • Gather Operational Data

    Lesson 2: Initiating the Strategic Planning Process

    • Develop a Mission Statement
    • Develop a Vision Statement
    • Assess Internal/External Environments
    • Perform SWOT Analysis

    Lesson 3: Developing the Strategic Plan

    • Prioritize What the Strategic Plan Will Address
    • Set Goals and Objectives
    • Develop Strategy for Achieving Goals
    • Draft the Strategic Plan

    Lesson 4: Executing the Plan

    • Assign Responsibility and Authority
    • Establish a Monitoring System