WA590 IBM WebSphere Application Server V9 Administration

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Length: 3 day (24 hours)


Course objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Relate WebSphere Application Server to the WebSphere family of products 
  • Describe the features and standards in WebSphere Application Server V9 
  • Describe the use of WebSphere Application Server in cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments 
  • Describe the architectural concepts that are related to WebSphere Application Server Assemble and install server-side Java enterprise applications Use WebSphere administrative tools to configure and manage enterprise applications 
  • Use wsadmin scripting Configure WebSphere Application Server security 
  • View performance information about server and application components 
  • Troubleshoot problems by using problem determination tools and log files

Course outlines

  • Course introduction
  • WebSphere product family overview
  • WebSphere Application Server architecture - stand-alone
  • Exercise- Profile creation
  • WebSphere Application Server administrative console
  • Exercise- Exploring the administrative console
  • Introduction to the Plants By WebSphere application
  • Application assembly
  • Exercise- Assembling an application
  • Application installation
  • Exercise- Installing an application
  • Problem determination
  • Exercise- Problem determination
  • Introduction to wsadmin and scripting
  • Exercise- Using wsadmin
  • WebSphere security
  • Exercise- Configuring WebSphere Application Server security
  • Exercise- Configuring application security
  • Performance monitoring
  • Exercise- Using the performance monitoring tools
  • Course summary