WM153 IBM MQ V9 System Administration (using Windows for labs)

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Length: 4 day (32 hours)


Course objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the IBM MQ deployment options
  • Plan for the implementation of IBM MQ on-premises or in the Cloud
  • Use IBM MQ commands and the IBM MQ Explorer to create and manage queue managers, queues, and channels
  • Use the IBM MQ sample programs and utilities to test the IBM MQ network
  • Enable a queue manager to exchange messages with another queue manager
  • Configure client connections to a queue manager
  • Use a trigger message and a trigger monitor to start an application to process messages
  • Implement basic queue manager restart and recovery procedures
  • Use IBM MQ troubleshooting tools to identify the cause of a problem in the IBM MQ network
  • Plan for and implement basic IBM MQ security features
  • Use accounting and statistics messages to monitor the activities of an IBM MQ system
  • Define and administer a simple queue manager cluster

Course outlines

    • Course introduction
    • IBM® MQ review
    • IBM® MQ installation and deployment options
    • Creating a queue manager and queues
    • Exercise: Using commands to create a queue manager and queues
    • Introduction to IBM® MQ Explorer
    • Exercise: Using IBM® MQ Explorer to create queue managers and queues
    • Testing the IBM® MQ implementation
    • Exercise: Using IBM® MQ sample programs to test the configuration
    • Implementing distributed queuing
    • Exercise: Connecting queue managers
    • IBM® MQ clients
    • Exercise: Connecting an IBM® MQ client
    • Implementing trigger messages and monitors
    • Exercise: Implementing a trigger monitor
    • Diagnosing problems
    • Exercise: Running an IBM® MQ trace
    • Implementing basic security in IBM® MQ
    • Exercise: Controlling access to IBM® MQ
    • Backing up and restoring IBM® MQ messages and object definitions
    • Exercise: Using a media image to restore a queue
    • Exercise: Backing up and restoring IBM® MQ object definitions
    • Introduction to queue manager clusters
    • Exercise: Implementing a basic cluster
    • Monitoring and configuring IBM® MQ for performance
    • Exercise: Monitoring IBM® MQ for performance